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제목 2016년 10월 06일 콜로퀴움 안내
작성자 관리자 등록일 2016.10.04 09:25 조회 1780

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일시 : 10월 06일 오후4305408

연사 : 박성하 교수(성균관대학교) 

주제 : DNA 나노기술 및 응용

 Nanobiotechnology has evolved into a unique interdisciplinary field involving physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, computer science, and multiple engineering fields. Likewise, DNA nanotechnology is a quickly developing field with essentially no overwhelming technical difficulties inhibiting progress toward designing and fabricating new shapes of DNA nanostructures in all dimensions. In this field, researchers create artificial DNA sequences to self-assemble into target molecular nanostructures. The well understood WatsonCrick base-pairing rules are used to encode assembly instructions directly into the DNA molecules which provide basic building blocks for constructing functionalized nanostructures with two major features: self-assembly and self-alignment. In this talk, we present on self-assembled various DNA nanostructures. 1D and 2D periodically patterned nanostructures utilizing several distinct DNA motifs such as cross tiles, double crossover tiles as well as single-stranded tiles will be discussed with unique design schemes and characteristics. We also discuss new development of DNA fabrication methods such as Angle Control Scheme, Surface Assisted Growth and Dry & Wet Method. At the end of the talk, we address applications of DNA nanotechnology which will show feasibility to construct various physical devices and biological/chemical sensors with DNA nanostructures.


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